Say Hello To ProCompliance

We Are ProCompliance

That’s right – the quality, simple, user friendly, one stop shop for business compliance has arrived. Though ProCompliance may be a fresh faced whippersnapper, the brains behind that babyface have a lot of years under their belt! The founding members have over 20 years combined experience in the compliance space. ProCompliance was born in 2023. Created by two Managing Directors, who both have a passion for helping SME business comply with their legal requirements. With a combined 20 years experience in the industry, the phrase “been there and got the T-Shirt” could not be more true.

We are here for one reason only, and that’s to actually help those with legal, and moral, responsibilities to look after staff; without breaking the bank! We do this by providing high quality reporting functions, content and service… and we don’t just stop there. We reinvest a huge amount into consistently improving our offering as we commit to meeting our value of continued evolution.

Let us paint a picture for you – you are five years into the future, and you are coming around to renewing your subscription with ProCompliance for the fourth time. You get a call from your lovely account manager, who has kept in touch with you throughout your time with us. After a pleasant thirty seconds reminiscing over the five years of wonderful experience you have had with ProCo (you’ve got a cute nickname for us), you have one last question before giving the go ahead to sign up for another amazing twelve months… “What improvements are due for the near future?”. 

Some providers would sweat buckets at this while they trawl their mind for a tiny new feature that has been added, but not us. With ProCompliance, the answer is simple, it’s “loads”. We will do our best to publish an accurate roadmap so you know what to expect in the year ahead. We promise, you, and your colleagues, will see continuous improvement and new experiences each year. That’s the ProCompliance way…

We are on a mission to combine our passions of building a fantastic product, and a fantastic place to work, to ensure we are the perfect business to work with, and for. We are devoted to ensuring unrivalled service to our customers and our colleagues. Reputation is everything for ProCompliance, and we will strive to succeed with our ambitions.

Join us today, and build a safer, happier workforce with the help of ProCompliance! Get started with a free trial and speak with one of our fantastic colleagues who will be happy to support you on your journey.

Conducting a Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is a fundamental process within the realm of workplace health and safety, aimed at identifying, evaluating, and mitigating potential hazards and dangers that employees may encounter within their daily duties.

Conducting a risk assessment in the workplace is not only a legal requirement, but also a responsible and ethical practice, as it helps prevent accidents, injuries, and even fatalities, whilst safeguarding a company’s assets, reputation, and productivity.

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