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Online Vs In-Person Business Compliance Training: Which One Is Right For My Business?

It’s essential for businesses to be aware of the compliance requirements they need to keep in line with when conducting day-to-day business activities. This includes topics like health and safety, HR and wellbeing, business compliance and industry-specific training. It’s essential to conduct employee training to ensure everyone is aware of appropriate business conduct and health and safety.

If you’re looking to train either yourself or your staff in an array of business compliance topics you might consider the best way this training should take place. Considering the options of hiring someone, or many people to cover a wide range of health and safety, business compliance, personal well-being, diversity training and so on could be costly and timely. However, virtual, online training courses could pose a convenient solution. It’s simple, you complete training courses online and then share this newfound knowledge with your staff and teammates, supported by free resources and (of course) a shiny new compliance certificate too. After all, you’re now the office expert.

What Is Virtual Training?

An online virtual training program is an interactive training session whereby learners can gain new skills in a virtual – online setting. There’s no need to travel across the country, to the office or from your sofa (if need be). Online learning can be completed anywhere as long as you have a tablet/computer/phone/ipad, you name it and a stable internet connection.

The Benefit of Online Training

There are many benefits when it comes to completing training online here are just a few:

Online Health and Safety Courses

Legally required, health and safety training is essential to any type of business, no matter the industry. It’s vital all staff receive training, online health and safety training is an easy way to quickly educate yourself and your staff with over 30 ready made, off-the-shelf elearning modules to learn from ProCompliance offers easy access to essential online training courses like Fire Safety Awareness, Risk Assessments, Food Safety and so much more.

Online Business Compliance Training

Online compliance training courses can be a quick and easy way to tick off education in the rules and regulations associated with running a business. Vital knowledge can then be passed down to employees and circulated to ensure business-wide compliance. This includes essential business regulations and compliance regarding GDPR, cyber security, consumer rights, modern slavery and so on.

Online Training Vs Face To Face Training

When comparing: online training vs. face-to-face training, on-site or in-person training does absolutely have its benefits in some cases, we won’t deny this. In some instances, training may need to be conducted in real-time, in the real world with a more, hands-on approach. The ProCompliance virtual training courses allow you to do just this. And here’s how! The best part is that your online session will cover real-life examples where necessary which you can then take into the training room or practical workspace with your team and then apply this knowledge practically and interactively for a kind of blended learning experience.

Online training programmes allow for flexibility around learning, students can learn at their own pace and in their own time, and no one misses out too! It offers a cost-effective alternative to in-person training and a great way to quickly train new hires too.

ProCompliance: Online, Virtual Training and Development

With the ProCompliance Compliance online training program, you’ll receive access to the online training portal and learning platform. You’ll have the opportunity to easily pick and choose all the eLearning courses that tie in with your business and business needs. You choose the courses you need for a truly personally tailored learning experience. Whether it’s online health and safety courses, building a safer workplace or business compliance training to ensure all employees stay compliant and call out non-compliant behaviour ensure your team are trained and aware of their responsibility as an employee.

With the option of a free two-week trial, benefit from two weeks of completely free access to our online training courses and complete learning platform. Contact us today and see how we can help transform your business compliance training. Request a quote for a bespoke, hand-selected training program and hear back from us in up to 24 hours followed by a personal consultation to understand your business needs.