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Warehouse Safety Tips: Health And Safety In The Warehouse

Working in a warehouse? Manage a warehouse? We all know there are many risks and safety hazards when it comes to working with machinery, heavy loads, hazardous materials, etc. With so much going on in a warehouse environment it’s important to stay ahead and stay vigilant of hazards. It’s important to provide staff and employees with warehousing safety training to ensure the safety of all individuals, minimising fatalities. We’ll cover everything you need to know and consider when it comes to operating safely within a warehouse setting including our warehouse health and safety checklist and safety tips!

Warehouse Health and Safety Regulations

Our Warehouse Safety Tips

Warehouse Fire Safety Training

To begin with, workplace fire warden training is essential for warehouse operatives, as with any industry fire awareness training ensures individuals are educated in fire prevention and what equipment should be used in the event of a fire. Fire Awareness training is a legal requirement and should be carried out during a new employee’s first day or induction. It’s essential that all individuals know their closest escape routes and fire exits, how to prevent fires from spreading, where fire alarms and extinguishers are located and which fire extinguisher to use in the event of a fire. Train yourself and your staff in fire safety for your business today. Ensure fire signage and warning signs are clearly displayed to help individuals locate fire safety equipment and fire exit routes.

Warehouse Health and Safety

General health and safety training will also provide employees with a general code of conduct for behaving safely within the workplace. Help prevent accidents, raise hazard awareness and ensure companywide processes to ensure everyone’s safety. And for those working in high-risk environments, dynamic risk assessment training provides a great overview of how to respond to hazards and risks quickly and efficiently. An important skill to have in fast-paced environments which operate heavy machinery and heavy loads.

Warehouse Vehicle Safety

Warehouse floor walkways can quickly become a moving vehicle highway. Ensure one way systems are in place for pallet trucks, forklift trucks and other vehicles in addition to proper training provided to those operating the vehicles. Avoid the need for reversing, sharp bends and blind corners while ensuring proper path and ground maintenance.

Warehouse PPE

It’s essential that all staff be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) like safety shoes, hard hats and reflective jackets. Protecting against falling objects, supporting manual handling and ensuring visibility with bright reflective jackets. Ensure warehouse risks are assessed to ensure the proper, applicable PPE is provided and available to staff.

Warehouse Health and Safety Checklist

Download and use our warehouse health and safety checklist to carry out everyday safety checks. Remember warehouse staff and operatives should also carry out full job role training to ensure full compliance with warehouse safety

Aisles and walkways:
Material Handling:
Fall hazards:
Electrical Safety:
Fire safety:
Personal protective equipment (PPE):
Emergency Preparedness:

Please Note: This checklist is not exhaustive and may need to be modified to meet the specific needs of your workplace. It is important to consult with a qualified occupational safety professional and amend our framework to develop your own comprehensive safety program for your warehouse.

ProCompliance Warehouse Safety Training

For more information on warehouse and storage safety consult the HSE website and guides and for warehouse safety training choose the online ProCompliance training programme for all your health and safety training needs. Start a two-week free trial for all your training needs, gain free access to online courses and resources in fire safety, COSHH, manual handling and so much more so you can ensure your workplace is safety-compliant.