Anti-Bribery Awareness

It doesn’t have to involve vast sums of money or extravagant gifts to be classed as bribery. It could be simply offering or accepting anything that may influence a business decision. Our anti-bribery training course raises awareness of what bribery actually is and how to be vigilant of these types of situations.

ProCompliance has developed this online training course in line with relevant guidance and best practices. We research our content from trusted resources so you can be confident that the content you deliver to your staff is accurate, up to date, and most importantly, compliant!

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Learning outcomes

anti-bribery training Target audience

The target audience for our anti-bribery training is all employees.

Learning Path

This section covers what bribery is, and its different forms that can be present in the workplace.

Time: Approximately 9 minutes

We cover the difference between gifts and bribes in this section, the red flags that someone is trying to gain influence by offering a gift.

Time: Approximately 7 minutes

This section looks at the responsibilities you and your employer have, how to report your concerns and the consequences of non-compliance.

Time: Approximately 6 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Intending to prevent acts of bribery or in the instance, penalise those who have carried out such acts. It is a criminal offence to offer money or other such items or promises in exchange for the individual doing something in return for you when this behaviour is not allowed.

The bribery law in the UK specifies that 

  • bribing an individual
  • being bribed
  • bribing a foreign public official
  • failure to prevent commercial organisation bribery

are all acts of bribery and all offending parties will be penalised in line with the law.

Bribery or gift examples could include money, gifts, travel, entertainment, food and drink. Our anti-bribery online training course will encourage you to understand and detect acts or suggestions of bribery in the workplace or in everyday life!

The offending individual is penalised by a fine which could be £5,000 (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) or £10,000 (Scotland). A good way to avoid mistakes and fines like these is with proper awareness and training, our anti-bribery training can be conducted online for fast and easy learning and results. Educate your staff today!

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