Comprehensive eLearning

ProCompliance are experts in eLearning. We have a library of over 50 courses covering topics in health and safety, HR wellbeing and business compliance.

Delivering simple and effective training is at the heart of ProCompliance. We’re continually adding courses to our library to ensure you have the training you need, at your fingertips.

ProCompliance have a complete library of eLearning courses, available at your fingertips.

ProCompliance are evolving our library every day to ensure it expands to meet our clients needs.

ProCompliance ensure all content is written and reviewed by subject matter experts, and approved where necessary. 

ProCompliance regularly review our content to ensure it remains up to date with current legislation and best practice.

Feature packed Learning Management System

ProCompliance’s Learning Management System is designed to be simple and effective. It’s included with all packages offered by ProCompliance.

Bespoke training and custom content

ProCompliance’s library of courses is extensive. But there may be courses we don’t currently offer that you need.

Our Learning Management System allows you to upload your own content in simple image or video form. 

Want ProCompliance to build the course for you? You can reach out to us today and we may be able to develop your course into a simple ProCompliance course in less than 4 weeks!

Upload your own custom content to the The Globe, ProCompliance Learning Management System.

ProCompliance allow you to store your own in house training records within our LMS so your records are all in one place.

Request changes, or a bespoke course built by ProCompliance. If agreed, it can be live in just 4 weeks.

Fire Safety Services

ProCompliance strive to offer our customers the services they need. Where we are unable to directly offer services ourselves, we seek to partner with outstanding businesses we, and you can trust!

ProCompliance are proud to have a partnership with 360 Fire Safety. 360 Fire Safety are a first in class Fire Safety provider, and are capable of serving the entire south of England with a range of Fire Safety Services.

Coming soon....

IOSH Courses

ProCompliance founders are proud to be a member of IOSH. We are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of workers across the UK. The team at ProCompliance are currently working hard to develop a range of IOSH courses to support our clients in ensuring they have a safe, healthy workforce. 

We’re not quite there yet, but click to find out more and register your interest, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we’re ready!