Fire Awareness Training

This online training course is a fantastic way to deliver awareness training for the subject of Fire Safety. Fire Awareness or Fire Safety training is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety order 2005 and in order to comply, you must train your staff accordingly. 

ProCompliance has developed this eLearning course in line with relevant guidance and best practices and seek our content from trusted resources so you can be confident that the content you deliver to your staff is accurate, up to date, and most importantly, compliant!

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Learning outcomes

Target Audience

The target audience for this course is all employees.

Learning Path

In this section we look at what fire is, how fire starts and the general nature of fire and the dangers and cost implications fire has on a workplace.

Time: Approximately 9 minutes

In this section we will review and understand the ways in which fire can spread from one location to another.

Time: Approximately 7 minutes

This section looks at the variety of signs and signboards you are likely to come across in a work environment and the meaning of each of these.

Time: Approximately 6 minutes

This section looks at the various types of fire fighting equipment you’re likely to find in a workplace and how to use them effectively. 

Time: Approximately 8 minutes

This section looks at how to effectively evacuate in the event of a fire.

Time: Approximately 8 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRO) 2005 requires all employees to be trained on fire safety and fire awareness. This training is suitable to train employees on fire safety and fire awareness.

All training, including fire safety and fire awareness should be completed “regularly”. Regularly can be quite vague, however from our experience annually refreshing training offers a good balance to ensure training and understanding is retained.

Online training allows people to train at their own pace so there is no set deadline for completing the course. However, the content of the training is approximately 35 minutes long. So at an average pace, this course takes 35 minutes to complete.

Our online fire safety and fire awareness course is assured by RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). This means you can be confident the training content is accurate and up to date.

After completing your course: