Hospitality Training Courses

Whether you need Health and Safety Training, HR and Wellbeing, or general Business Compliance, ProCompliance has you covered with our catalogue of over 50 high quality courses!

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Why choose ProCompliance for Hospitality Training?

ProCompliance are experts in training for the hospitality industry. We understand the risks associated with working in the hospitality sector, and training is vital. 

That’s why our courses are perfect to ensure the vital training your team needs is delivered accurately, and effectively. Our dedicated team are here to assist you with identifying the right package, and holding your hand through your journey with ProCompliance. 

Popular Courses for Hospitality:


The Benefits of Using ProCompliance for Hospitality Training

Hospitality Training

Over 30 eLearning courses for companies working in the hospitality industry.

Bespoke Packages

Whether you need one course, or twenty, our bespoke packages provide you with your exact requirements.


eLearning courses that are built by experts, and approved by recognised organisations.

Instant Reporting

Access all reports, results and certificates live through our custom Learning Management System.


Instant certificates provided for each eLearning course immediately after completion.

Account Management

ProCompliance are committed to excellent customer service provided by our brilliant Account Management team.

A Package for Everyone with ProCompliance

Every company has a different need. That’s why ProCompliance have three pricing options available:

Pay Per View

Purchase individual courses from as little as £15 per person and complete them online through the website.

User Based Subscription

Purchase 12 months access to our complete library with our brilliant LMS for a set number of users. Access any course, any time.

Credit Based Subscription

Purchase a bundle of credits with 12 months subscription and our brilliant LMS. One credit is one person completing any one course.

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