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Mindfulness Awareness

Mindfulness is a great way to manage and support our own mental health and wellbeing. Being mindful is positive way to approach our lives and will not only benefit ourselves, but also benefit those around us. This mindfulness awareness course has been designed to offer proactive tips to being more mindful in our day to day lives. 

ProCompliance have developed this eLearning course in line with relevant guidance and best practice and seek our content from trusted resources so you can be confident that the content you deliver to your staff using our eLearning course is accurate, up to do and most importantly, compliant!

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Learning outcomes

Target auidence

The target audience for this course is all employees.

Learning Path

In this section, we will cover what mindfulness is, and examples of exploring and practicing mindfulness.

Time: Approximately 9 minutes

In this section, we will cover proactive approaches you can use in your day to day life, and at work, to practice and incorporate mindfulness.

Time: Approximately 7 minutes

In this section, we will cover the benefits of practicing mindfulness and being mindful to both you and others around you.

Time: Approximately 6 minutes

After completing your course: