Individual courses

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£ 15 Per course
  • Access online immediately

Credit subscription

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£ 3 Per course
  • Access to all courses

User subscription

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£ 35 Per user
  • Access to all courses

User BasedPricing

Access all courses, any time.

Our user based pricing is perfect for those who want peace of mind knowing they can access any course, at any time.

Simply select the number of users you require and the cost gives you unlimited access to all courses for all users. If a user leaves your business, simply replace them with a new user at no extra cost.

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Credit Based Pricing
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Credit BasedPricing

Perfect for bespoke requirements, buy exactly what you will use.

Our Credit based pricing is perfect for clients who have variable needs. One credit, is one person, completing any one course. 

Simply calculate the number of credits you’ll need over the year and you can allocate these out to your users to complete. 

Pay-Per-View Courses

If you need a single course for yourself, or are not yet ready to sign up to a complete package with ProCompliance, our pay-per-view option is perfect for you. Before you can purchase a course, you’ll need to create an account with ProCompliance. All historic course records and certificates will be stored in your account for you to access any time.