Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Many of us will have a close friend or family member who is a vulnerable adult. Ensuring the safety and protection of vulnerable adults is something we must do on a daily basis. This Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults course has been designed for people working with vulnerable adults and teaches the skills needed to safeguard people that are at higher risk. 

ProCompliance has developed this eLearning course in line with relevant guidance and best practice and seek our content from trusted resources so you can be confident that the content you deliver to your staff is accurate, up to date, and most importantly, compliant!

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Learning outcomes

Target audience

The target audience for this course is any employee working in a care setting or working around vulnerable adults.

Learning Path

In this section, we cover the law and legislation around safeguarding of vulnerable adults, who is considered to be vulnerable and how to ensure those who are vulnerable are treated in a lawful, equal, and ethical manner.

Time: Approximately 9 minutes

In this section, we will look at types of abuse vulnerable adults may be exposed to, and how to recognise potential exposure.

Time: Approximately 7 minutes

In this section, we will look at how some vulnerable adults may not be capable of making their own decisions safely or effectively. 

Time: Approximately 6 minutes

In this section, we will cover the requirement of employees who work with vulnerable adults where they witness, suspect or received an alleged case of abuse. We will then cover the types of disclosure and how to respond to them.

Time: Approximately 8 minutes

In this section, we will cover safer recruitment of employees who work with or around vulnerable adults.

Time: Approximately 6 minutes

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