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Terms and Policies

ProCompliance is focused on ensuring transparency to its clients and has documented all of its terms and policies displayed below, ready and available for you to view and/or review whenever you need to. 

Terms and Conditions of Use

Our terms and conditions of use outlines the agreement between ProCompliance and the client for use of the services provided by ProCompliance.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy outlines how ProCompliance collect information, the types of data we collect from your and other sources and our best practices adopted to ensure it's secure.

Service Level Agreement

At ProCompliance we are dedicated to first class service. Our Service Level Agreement outlines the forms of service we provide and maximum wait and response times to issues raised.

Complaints Policy

Our aim at ProCompliance is to ensure customer satisfaction. We take all complaints seriously and our policy outlines how to raise a complaint and how complaints are handled with.

GDPR (Data Protection) Policy

ProCompliance are committed to ensuring we only collect data for a legitimate purpose. Our policy outlines how we collect, process and handle data.

Ethics Policy

ProCompliance are committed to ensuring an ethical working practice for it's workers and clients. Our policy outlines our commitment and how we work towards that.

Cookie Policy

ProCompliance uses cookie to distinguish one website user from another. Our cookie policy outlines the types of cookies used, their definition, and the purpose of use.

Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy

Our anti bribery and corruption policy outlines our actions we take to ensure ProCompliance comply with laws surrounding Anti Bribery and Corruption in the UK.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Our equal opportunities policy outlines our commitment and dedication to a fair and equal workforce and working environment.

Modern Slavery Policy

ProCompliance are committed to ensuring modern slavery does not exist anywhere in our business or within our supply chain. Our policy outlines how we manage our this process.

Corporate Social Responsibilty Policy

ProCompliance are committed to ensuring any business decisions made take all stakeholders, including the community and environment. Our policy outlines our process.

Whistleblowing Policy

ProCompliance believe everyone should be empowered to raise concerns. Our whistleblowing policy outlines how our colleagues can raise concerns they have safely and securely.