Unconscious Bias Awareness

Many of us would say we’re not bias in our working day. However, unconsciously, we’re likely to be more bias than we think. Unconscious bias is exactly as it sounds, being bias without actually meaning to be. This training course has been designed to make you aware of unconscious bias, and how to take proactive approaches to ensuring bias is playing a part in our decision making processes.

ProCompliance has developed this eLearning course in line with relevant guidance and best practices and seek our content from trusted resources so you can be confident that the content you deliver to your staff is accurate, up to date, and most importantly, compliant!

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Learning outcomes

Target audience

The target audience for this course is all employees.

Learning Path

In this section, we will cover what unconscious bias is and steps we can take to be more aware so we can eliminate it.

Time: Approximately 9 minutes

In this section we will cover the different types of unconscious bias in the workplace and how or why they would occur, and how we can be aware of them to eliminate them.

Time: Approximately 7 minutes

In this section, we will cover what is know as the “halo” and “horns” effect. This misconception occurs regularly, and being aware of it can ensure we don’t fall in to the trap.

Time: Approximately 6 minutes

In this section, we’ll look at how we can eradicate our own individual bias in the workplace. We’ll then look at how we can spot signs of unconscious bias in the workplace, so we can raise it, eliminate it, and build a more positive approach and workplace culture.

Time: Approximately 8 minutes

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